Our Bible research team have been studying the new bible set to be released in 2023 or maybe 2024.

Every time London has a new king, they like to make a new Bible. King James bible is the most popular, but King Charles is more famous so his might be even better.

According to Mary Dinkus of Bristletoe Island, the new Bible will talk a lot about John Merrick (Elephant Man), and some of his abilities that qualify him. Maybe they will bring Budha back, and even some amazing stories about Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. We have written to him about the Goat Man in case he wants someone from Bristletoe Island.

The Queen will be the main character (fully dead) and possibly one of the actors from the Ghandi movie who is widely believed to have cured AIDS in India.

We will be following any news about the new Bible and Mary will tell us first.

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