There is a new book with amazing and sometimes boring research from Mary explaining why they took out Buddha from the King Jarrod Bible.

In the early days Budha was to be one of the stars. But, he was fighting non-stop so they had decide to remove him from many of the good parts. Later, he didn’t listen, so they had a meeting and took him out completely from every page. It could be it was the Wing Chun, which he invented with his auntie, but most likely he was also doing the wrestling and throwing tin fruits etc like they did in ancient Rome and Mongolia.

New book – best for just reading the good bits

It can also be other reasons for his not being in the Bible were the pickles, and his goat noises. They need to do more research about this.

Fact #2: Budha was probably banned from the library for many of the years where he should have been doing things to get in the Bible. Now they have to have different books about Budha and they usually talk about him sitting under trees and leave out the fighting.

It is OK. They can write these books. It is their choice.

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