Do you have Covid there? Would you like it to go away very fast? This is all you need to know. It is science, and medicine and common health.

In the early days, Covid was a problem for countries around the world. People were scared of it. One lady thought is was a wasp. But now, it is OK, because we have common sense, and a 6 step plan that always can work for you to make it safe again.

Most people now use our plan to make them safe. Even Canada used it but were too proud to send a gift or thank you on the public stages. It is Ok, we can feel good for the contribution.


It began for us when they shut the ferry to the island. Efraine was the only one who could bring supplies to the island, but he always bought the wrong things, and while it was unexpected, many were happy in secret when he caught the Covid. Now we just get boxes of supplies sent based on a list Gunwina would make. It works better, and we get plenty of salty snacks.

The moment we heard Efraine had the Covid they locked him in the barn, and reinforced it with a strong fence, mostly made from the old tennis court and Bristletoe Square. Eddie built a slide that we could roll food down so Efraine could eat, but mostly we threw the food across the gap. It was much safer but he had to take cover.

You might like to buy this Efraine in the Barn color it in yourself book? Very amazing.

Efraine in the Barn – Color it in yourself book

We waited. At first, it was fun to walk around the barn and try to listen to Efraine, sometimes he cried, howled, or was just silent. But when he got really sick, he was mostly silent. He stopped eating, so we thought he was dead, but he lived on.

Covid rules came along. We tried to entertain ourselves, but several people went close to mad because they had to stay home. The diner closed for 3 days. That was tough. We had to cook our own food all day. We were expected to use wheat in seed form. It is stupid, tiny grains, we didn’t know what to do with it. We wrote poetry, and dragged heavy sacks up hills for fun. I became very good at LinkedIn and made inventions like pottery feet.

The next problem came when people started trying to read the internet without being monitored. It had been blocked off, but they decided to open it up so people could do something new. Geneven scared himself so much he closed the trader and went missing for a few days. He hasn’t told us what it was he read but he said it was horrible.

Some of the children complained that people read some internet and tried to learn how to trap pelicans, who are silly birds and don’t think.

We found the first partially cooked pelican wing a long way from the barn, so we didn’t think of Efraine. A few years ago we had a pelican eating incident and it was a reminder to put the sign up asking not to eat them. It happens on small islands, and for some reasons pelicans look tastier than they actually are.

The children reported Efraine was the one eating the pelicans, but only because Nesbit would catch them and sneak them into the barn. It was tough for Efraine, so we didn’t make a big deal out of it but it captured the imagination of the children who made a model of it using the Mind Craft on the computer, with pelican bits scattered around the barn. The parents enjoyed this. We only have the one computer that can run the Mind Craft, so it was amazing they knew what to do.

We had to cancel the Plankton Festival, and Bring a Bushel to Bristletoe (BaBtoB) was cancelled too mostly because of Mary who most people agree is a nuisance. But we need her for some of the chores in the college that I won’t do.

Effraine was released, and he left Bristletoe as healthy man. He was very angry but safe. We learned the six steps, and they will work for you.

So, if you have a Covid where you live, here is the process to fix it.

  1. Stop the ferry if you have one. If not, stop the other way people come to you. e.g. bridge, boat, helicopter, plane, raft etc.
  2. put everyone with covid in a barn. We had spare barns ready, but might have put them in together so they could tell stories and be miserable together. Build a place to send food in with.
  3. Give them things to do so they don’t eat wildlife. e.g. fidget spinners, a book, chalk, weights etc.
  4. distract all the rest of the people so they don’t go crazy. We did goat catching, wildlife discovery, shovel design, and more. Get creative.
  5. order lots of food in case the diner closes. Avoid wheat – there’s nothing you can do with it if it’s in the seed form. Instead, get salty things that last longer. Unless you have lots of fridges, then you can get lasagne.
  6. Celebrate. Congratulations, you can beat the Covid as well.

Please write to us if you use this and save your home. We will all look forward to celebrating.