At Bristletoe we always seeking to make the people want to come here. We have discovered people like to visit an abandoned lighthouse. It can be windy where they normally put the abandoned lighthouse, so in our project we will build it in a valley next to abundant fresh water. Much nicer for the photos.

Along the way we begin with asking people for their support. Of course, everyone sign it on the island, and even the visitors.

The next day, we had to find out how to make an abandoned lighthouse. Somehow we find this:

This is very complex plan. Somebody made it on the internet so we can use.

At the meeting, we learned it might be easier to make it without all the round edges. Round edges are complicated although you probably think it is about rings. It is not.

It is a very famous project. Even we won a prize in the tourism awards – they say “very amazing idea”.

Up to date we have raised over $2800 for the construction. We have made a lot of height, but still thinking about if it can be round. And we must decide some other things too. Many tourists would like to have an abandoned lighthouse they can move inside. Up to stairs? We are not sure.