Bristletoe is famous for having the best wisdom. It is our heritage, and a gift. We have put some wisdom below for you to learn, but there is more. It can take all day.

If the goats and horses run up the hill for no reason, follow them. There is a tidal wave”


People all over the world have used this wisdom for their benefit, and it can be that Bristletoe will have a statue somewhere for all the wisdom. We can definitely punch above our waist.

Take time to breath in, be patient, and enjoy being just where you are.. and then move on. Other people are waiting too. It can be rude. It’s not all about you.


Allan Squire was the best at it, but he was reckless with hummock beetles, which give a nasty infection, and he died slowly in a lot of pain until he was fully dead by May 2021. This was not good news for him.

Petros gets some of his wisdom from Hoffman, who may actually be a collection of people (like Shakespeare). It could be muddled up with the goat-man abilities, but don’t have a way to test for it.

Even a the saddest moment, when you cry and do moaning and all that.. even then.. a wild bat will fear you. They have no interest in a friendship with people.

Allan Squire
Petros at the funeral of Allan Squire. One of the saddest days in Bristletoe ever was when Allan fully died (but good feast in the afternoon, and very lovely singing).

It can be some countries they have 6 days in a week and live much longer than we do. And they grow better corn. People should do science about this because it is amazing.


If somehow I got put in the bible, I would take: Modern sandals, Kumquats, Wire, Aniseed, A torch, A sleeping bag, Fishing equipment, Hut Udders and Sandpaper. With that I should be fine in most of the circumstances until it finishes.


Somewhere in the world it is already morning. It doesnt make sense but the reason is speed of light. Physics.. Einstein discovered it. And even electricity cant stop it happening.


“Do you ever wonder why they build spires in some countries? They are tall, spiky and very unneccessary. There is a reason. Most people agree it is because we are descended from worms or fish, but it the truth is, spires help us stay magnetic, which is important in a crowded space”.


Now you have tasted just a mouthful of our wisdom would you like to learn to do your own? It is possible. It can take many years to become an expert, but why not learn from the second best? Petros might be best alive, but Alan was better (dead). In Bristletoe you can do this course in face. Not on the computer. Much better.

Learn to do the Wisdom with Petros. You might expect quite good results in some cases.

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