Yes, you can hear that again, it is the famous rock legend Willy Nelson from all the famous bands like Black Sabbath.
He is in Bristletoe Island for his paradise holiday and today Petros was allowed to sing some of the famous Bristletoe Island songs from his new album “Music for Tall People”.

Willie Nelson and Petros, Bristletoe Island
You can see Petros singing to Willie Nelson. He loving all the music.

“He loves my music so much and listening to many many songs. He had a family or friend or someone die from Volleyball in around 1960, so it is very important to him. When we asked him if he can join me for the singing on Friday at the diner, he was very excited and say Maybe for sure.” says Petros. “I really hope we can just play my songs, but there is a chance we will have to sing some of his songs like Bohemian Rhapsody or Billy Jean. That is Ok. Some are good songs too, but they are very old.”

You can come to the diner for a meal, and maybe stay a bit later until 7:30 for the concert. Petros will also be selling his CDs. We may even give one at no charge to Willie Nelson if he is any good.


  1. Wow. I saw Willie Nelson in NY City. It was amazing. I hope he plays On the Road Again. Good luck Petros.

  2. It was great to see your Willy concert. I was disappointed he did not sing Billy Jean. I couldn’t really hear that well because I was in the barn. I bought one of your CDs but it doesn’t work. Do you have the other two left over still?

    1. Yes. We were very amazing. It is not a CD that you can play. It is just pretend. It doesn’t work. You have to listen on the computer radio.

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