Yengold Boolwoss

GENERAL MANAGER – Yengold Boolwoss

Yengold is very amazing and good boss for the whole organizations. Many times a week she can bring in food for us and lately some of it is getting better.

Yengold came to Bristletoe Island 4 years ago before all the COVID and her husband died of we don’t know what. He was a baker, and his favorite root to eat was raddish.

When Yengold became the General Manager the college was doing very well, but later they fired their best staff and so now not so good. This is not because of Yengold, it just happens sometimes like coincidence.

Yengold is open to learning bat catching techniques and to going to the mainland to promote our exports.

Petros S


Petros is the best on Bristletoe at LinkedIn (a computer program for experts) and has over 2000 online disciples.

He is very amazing. He created the Bristletoe Salamanders – the first ever (and only) basketball team in Bristletoe. It is for exhibitions and they do very amazing throwing bouncing and catching. See more on the other internet pages around here.

Petros was fired from the college a while back – it was a very big mistake and that is why the college is terrible (but still ok if you want to start a career, you can still come).

Petros is also the ambassador for the Ferry, and runs the most successful courses outside the college (Bat Catching) which is famous on the internet with LinkedIn people.

If it weren’t for Allan Squire, Petros would be the best at wisdom. Allan is dead, but Petros still gets a lot of his wisdom from Allan’s texts.

He is our best inventor – he made the Click Box, the Rain Pants, and the God Shovel. It was Petros and his friends who discovered sheep milk, and they have done a lot of good work to eliminate volley-ball from the island altogether.

Petros is also leading the Abandoned Lighthouse Project – the first ever inland abandoned lighthouse to be built from playground equipment and square bricks.

He is also the lead researcher on the Goat-Man, who visits the island from somewhere, and has abilities we don’t understand yet.

Mary Dinkus

Mary Dinkus – Assistant and odd-jobs

Mary is sometimes useful to have around but doesn’t think much and can be very annoying at the wrong times. She came to Bristletoe Island 3 years ago, and has a terrible American accent.

She never talks about her past, but has dark secrets, and we all like to wonder what they are. Some people think she ate an evil spirit, and others think she is a murderer. But probably something in her brain developed from all the things in America – we may not find out.

Mary does odd jobs in the office, and from time to time sleeps in there. She lives way over the other side of the island, and has very swollen ankles, so we understand. It is OK.

When we have BaBtoB festival, Mary picks up all the printing that we get delivered on the ferry. She can’t catch bats, play basketball, or even cook. But she can get things from the diner, and when Covid was on, she got lots of salt from the pan and put it in our fruit, which was amazing. This was enough to meet our standards.

Salman Oint

Salman Oint – Head of Bible People

Salman looks like all the people from the bible. He can do any of the men ones. For the weddings he is very popular, and has other friends who also have beards and hair.

Salman came from America where he was bitten on the face by a stranger when he was homeless. He was wearing robes, so we don’t know if it was a bible problem. Very amazing. He was lucky he didn’t get AIDS.

Salman also does very biblical humming and religious sounds and is helping in the development of God Shovel 2 which is going to be even more religious.

Beetross Urilee

Beetross Urilee – Chef

Beetross is famous for doing the poems every BaBtoB. His family are all very amazing poem writers. Also, Beetross cooks the meals for the Diner and the Festival. His Wet Chicken Fish are something armies might come here to take. This is how amazing it is.

He never tells his recipe to anyone. There is fish, chicken, wheat, and other things. Even some of the tourists will eat it.

His family vanished when he was 40 years old. It is possible they were eaten by people from another island. We don’t know.

Mavaros Wenten – (Fully Dead) – Sponsor

Mavaros is completely dead from a long time ago.

We use him for our promotion to other countries where we clearly have lots of relationships.

Some of these include:

Mudwhackle Pier
Kingston Park
Brighton Rock
West Avantia

Others, which we don’t include are not for public consumation.