Bring a Bushel to Bristletoe also known as BaBtoB festival happens every November in Bristletoe. It is our most proud time of year, and the best time ever to visit. All the houses and rooms are full during BaBtoB, so there will be nowhere for you to stay. That is bad news for you.

BaBtoB Ball:

The BaBtoB Ball is the most exciting ball of the year – it is where we welcome all the bushells, and push them into the big hole that we dig before BaBtoB begins. People take turns at throwing dirt over the bushells, then we all move to the field for the dancing.

Crab Swallowing:

Brent Goyle usually hosts the crab swallowing and it is very fun to watch. Not so much for the crabs but they get bored after a few weeks in the rocks, so it could be they don’t mind. We don’t know.

You can win a year supply of Pelican Jerkey, but there are no stocks until Pelican Season (Nov – May) so you can wait a bit if you win. No problem, there are many other salty snacks in the meantime.

This year, because of the stupid covid, we had to move the festival to July. But we will have our second BaBtoB in November, and it will be better again.

BABTOB Wisdom:

Allan Squire would make up some of his best wisdom every BaBtoB. Petros has begun thinking about taking on this role, and is working very hard on new, modern, and amazing wisdom. For example:

Peasant Hunt:

We had to take down the peasant hunt. It is only happening in private. You can just think about something else. There are other things.

Salt Night:

BaBtoB Salt Night is very amazing. You can put more salt on anything and it is ok. Actually, our health club has belief that it may help you clear out the brain of any fog, and also thicken your joints, which can lead to a better life. A favorite is salty fruit – and the children love salt-crust sandwiches with melon.

BaBtoB Parade:

The BaBtoB parade is very amazing. Every year someone dies from the heat, but that is to be expected, and we wonder who it can be this year.

People like to dress up like corn, and we have stories about people who were forced to use wheat in seed form and give graces that it is no longer the case.

You see? Whatever it is you want, it happens at the BaBtoB Festival. No wonder it is such a big destination for people doing their arounds.