Pelican Jerkey

The delicious taste of salty, dried pelican tendons, carefully hand crafted by Petros and Eddie, and sealed in a special bag will tell your senses to rejoice with explosion.

It is the most popular product on the island, and we will be having more coming soon.

The world’s first Pelican Jerky. The first and one of the best.

Bristletoe Island Sheep Milk

This is a very white and juicy sometimes yellowish syrup and juice of sheep udder that we get up early to squeeze.

Bristletoe Island Sheep Milk – Get in bottles or milk your own

Bristletoe Island Plankton Drops for Cats

Your cat can see some distance, but imagine if he can see much, much further. Good for him? This is amazing product based on miniature plankton and science conducted at the college.

Hurry and get your Bristletoe Island Plankton Drops

SALAMANDER Basketball Gear

The great Salamanders, famous for very amazing throwing, bouncing and catching. This is the best quality product in the world today available. It also shares the Feather Rejection technology available in the rain pants, so impossible to get it wet, even if you swimming.

Many more amazing products coming every day at least one per month


Bristletoe Goatman string is a favourite of the goat-man, and we believe any animal people with unexplained abilities. Our string comes in easy to eat rolls, but you don’t feed it all at once. Why not keep the goat-man coming back for more?

The tastiest string for animal people


The God Shovel was the first product ever patented by anyone from Bristletoe Island – Petros. He is amazing at the inventions. The God Shovel is an example of the shovel God probably used in the early days when he was busy digging tombs perhaps with prehistoric people, or even Egyptians.

Research from the middle books suggest God’s wife especially loved precious jewels. These are not in the original patent, but can enhance the God Shovel and make it more religious. Also, the red handle is probably easier for gripping, and certainly looks very amazing.

You can invest in this shovel. It can be that it is made and available one day with your interest.

‘The very amazing, patented ‘God Shovel’.


Would you like to milk your home? Yes, the dwelling that you live and bathe in? Well, it is possible now with Petros’ and Eddie’s new patented Hut Udders.

Big healthy straps allow the securing of these fruitful udders to the outside of the hut. Tighten to please, then milk away at your hearts delight. Juicy, fresh milk (not included) at the tug of your hut udder. Very amazing.


Do you like EXTRA SALTY SALT? Designed specifically for coffee, and presumably the coffee-like beans as discovered in the Squire barrels. This formula used Bristleto Island Science and Allan Squire wisdom to bring you much saltier salt than salt.


Choose from a range of exciting books prepared by Bristletoe Island authors and experts. A wide range of choices to ensure your appetite is wasted.

Book: Most Common Hobbies of the Bible People – Mary Dinkus (with pictures by Petros)

Mary has spent months researching what people in the Bible did behind the scenes when they weren’t in the Bible. Using techniques, she discovered all about the relationship with Buddha and the other. It was very amazing.

You can learn all about what they got up to and benefit from her excellent research.

You can’t believe what the bible people did when they weren’t busy being in the bible.

A concise History of the Bristletoe Cactus – Petros Spronk

The Bristeltoe Cactus is one of the most revered plants on the island as is older than anyone on the island living today. It has no spikes left, but we do not get too close. Why not? The cactus can heal, or it can harm. It is not wise to upset the cactus. In this book, Petros explains the whole history, from baby cactus until today. Amazing stories of pain, cures, hurt and magic.

When you come and see the cactus you will understand. Until then, you can read about it here.

Volleyball Can Cause Aids – Petros Spronk

There are many problems with Volleyball, and one is the terrible diseases it can cause. Petros has used latest science and some of the ideas he notices on the island to write the most amazing and scary self-help books for people who like volleyball.

Be wise when you choosing the sport to play. It is not just you that you can think about. Think about the others.

Budha and why they took him out of the Bible – Mary Dinkus

Amazing and sometimes boring research from Mary explaining why they took out Buddha from the Bible in the end.

They think in the early days he was going to be one of the stars, but he was fighting non-stop. Many people think it was Wing Chun, which he invented with his auntie, but most likely he was also doing the wrestling.

Research work by Mary Dinkus

There some stories about his cooking, and painting but mostly it is about old fashioned things that used to happen in the past. Not so relevant if you living in the modern times.