Due to the recent success of the Bristletoe Island Salamanders in winning a funding grant (Salamanders is the best and only actual basketball team on the island), now there is a new team looking only to cash in on the money.

Fake team of demon hags looking to steal your moneys

The Bristletoe Salamanders were awarded $84.90 to buy weed spray for the Salamander basketball courts. This was approved as an exceptional award for the tourism benefit the Salamanders offered the island, especially given the recent visit from basketball legend Larry Bird.

Now, it seems everyone wants to cash in on the basketball funding craze. Today morning we did this interview for the proof. As you can see, they are noisy birds of confusion and should be banned.

Petros: Are you a real basketball team?

Beatross: Yes

Petros: have you played any games

Beatross: Why are you so scared? I heard you grew up in an orphanage for infected children and were fed sparrows. Someone said you cant even heat up wood in a bucket of boiling water?

The Bristletoe Island Tourism Board request that nobody give any money or grants to this basketball team, and please report any other basketball related SCAMs to Bristletoe Island Police.

One comment

  1. This is not how I remember the interview.
    Petros: Do you have a basketball team
    Mary: Yes
    Petros: Is it better than the Salamanders
    Mary: Yes, the Peasants are the best basketball team in Bristletoe
    Petros: Can I borrow one of your balls because I drew a face on mine like that guy from the new movie
    Mary: Stay away from me, you smell like Pelicans

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